Set in a fictional American city called Metro City. Final fight is a scrolling “beat em up.” The plot is based around the kidnapping of the Metro city Mayor’s daughter by a gang of street thugs known as the mad gear gang. The Mayor doesn’t give in to the gang’s demands and decides to enlist the help of his daughters boyfriend Cody and his friend Guy to help get his daughter back.

Final Fight: A History

The game was released in the Japanese arcades in 1989 by the Capcom corporation, and was directed by the team behind Street Fighter 2, Akira Nishitani, Akira Yasuda and produced by Yoshiki Okamoto. Upon it’s release Final Fight would become the benchmark game of the scrolling beat em up genre, surpassing the excellent Double Dragon that had been released in1987 by Technos.

A year later in 1990, Final Fight was released into the North American and European arcades, as well as on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. During the 90s the game was also released on various other game consoles and home computers including; Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, and Amiga. In 2007 Final Fight was released on the next generation virtual consoles.

Final Fight: Game Play

During the game, the characters move from left to right while defeating all the enemies that appear on screen. At the end of each stage, the gamer has to defeat a stronger and bigger boss character to complete the level. There were 6 levels to complete and these were broken down into 3 or more different screens. Along the way the three playable characters; Cody, Guy or Mayor Haggar could pick up various weapons to aid their cause. Final Fight sported large and clear visuals for it’s day, and the control system was intuitive and easy to use.

After the success of the original two more versions were released for the S.N.E.S. The aptly named Final Fight 2 and 3. Various spin off games have also been released for the home console and computer markets. The Final version to date was the 3D incarnation; Final Fight: Streetwise, which was released for the Playstation and Xbox.

Arcade Games


Use WASD to move
K to jump
J and L to punch and kick

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